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Scholarship Information

Applications are available in the Guidance Office. If you apply for a scholarship, please let the Guidance Office know at least 3 weeks before the application deadline. Scholarships are added on a regular basis.  Please check back for updates.


The Mercer County Technical School District is diligent about connecting students with scholarship resources. If you know of a scholarship that should be added to the MCTS Scholarship Information page, please click this link. Thank you!


NJEA June 1, 2019
Housecall Pro June 30, 2019
Rotary Club April 15, 2019
Ethel H. Conover Scholarship April 16, 2019
Mercer County Retired Educators Scholarship Award N/A
The Social Steeze Scholarship August 31, 2019
SMP Scholarships See Attached PDF
Career Development Awards March 29, 2019
Verma Farms Scholarship August 21, 2019
Automotive Aftermarket Scholarship Central March 31, 2019
Future Nurse Leadership Scholarship April 2, 2019
The Mike Rowe Scholarship - The 2019 Work Ethic Scholarship Program March 28, 2019
NJUA Excellence in Diversity Scholarship April 6, 2019
Betsy Niles Scholarship Fund, Missy's Miracle Scholarship Fund and Hearts for Emma Partner Fund  See Attached PDF
The Julie Queler Scholarship August 1, 2019
The Minc Law Scholarship July 31, 2019
ETS Employees’ Community Action Fund (ECAF) Scholarship Program April 27, 2019
AmericanTrucks June 15, 2019
AmericanMuscle June 15, 2019
Professional Engineers Society of Mercer County (PESMC) December 21, 2018
Norwich University December 15, 2018
NJESA March 1, 2019
Comcast December 7, 2018 at 5:00pm EST
OutdoorStack - 3 See Megan Ferdetta
OutdoorStack - 2 See Megan Ferdetta
Brockman Foundation - STEM and Business - Texas A&M 6:00 pm on September 30, 2018
OutdoorStack See Megan Ferdatta

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HIB Contacts

To report an incident of Harrassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB), please contact a specialist below.

District Anti-Bullying Coordinator

Doug Shunk or 609-586-5144, Ext. 2146

Back-Up Coordinator

Angelo DeStefano or 609-586-5144 Ext. 2133

Health Science Academy • Career Prep Specialist • Assunpink Center Specialist

Megan Ferdetta or 609-586-5144, Ext. 2140 or 609-438-0109

Adult Evening School Specialist

Gary Mattia or 609-586-5144

Health Careers Center Specialist

Gary Mattia or 609-586-5144

Sypek Center Specialist • STEM Academy • Culinary Academy

Lance Simek or 609-737-9785, Ext. 4140

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