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General Advisory Committee

The General Advisory Committee is a dedicated group of local business partners who are committed to ensuring the success of all students.

In this photo (left to right): Dr. Kimberly J. Schneider, Dr. Walter Brower,  V
ivian Tuccillo - Giglio of Stout's Transportation and Rich Tisone of Stout's Transportation


About the General Advisory Committee

The General Advisory Committee of the Mercer County Technical Schools is comprised of approximately 50 different businesses who meet three times each year.  The members come together to advise district leadership on industry trends and provide guidance for keeping program offererings up-to-date.


Business Partner of the Year

In the fall, the General Advisory Committee will announce the and award one business partner of the year. 

Career Success Award

The Career Success Award provides recognition of one secondary or post-secondary student who has attained significant career achievements in their respective occupation.    


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HIB Contacts

To report an incident of Harrassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB), please contact a specialist below.

District Anti-Bullying Coordinator

Doug Shunk or 609-586-5144, Ext. 2146

Back-Up Coordinator

Angelo DeStefano or 609-586-5144 Ext. 2133

Health Science Academy • Career Prep Specialist • Assunpink Center Specialist

Megan Ferdetta or 609-586-5144, Ext. 2140 or 609-438-0109

Adult Evening School Specialist

Gary Mattia or 609-586-5144

Health Careers Center Specialist

Gary Mattia or 609-586-5144

Sypek Center Specialist • STEM Academy • Culinary Academy

Lance Simek or 609-737-9785, Ext. 4140

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