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Adult Evening Programs

Whether you are interested in career advancement and certification, or just want to learn more about an area of personal interest, Mercer County offers a broad range of affordable and convenient part-time courses.


Adult Evening Course Offerings


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Adult Evening School Online Registration dates, please call 609-586-5146.

The Adult Evening Program of the Mercer County Technical School District offers courses which are designed to upgrade the present skill level of the student; acquaint the student with recent changes and latest techniques which have become used within the respective occupational area; and provide entry level training for new employment or career change. 


The Adult Evening Program assists local industry in the retraining and upgrading of employees by providing customized training that meets individual company needs.


Suggestions from agencies, management, industry and labor organization are always welcome.


Courses are designed:

  • To increase the skill and knowledge of the worker, or
  • Fulfill the requirements of an apprenticeship program, or
  • Help a person to acquire new skills that will broaden his/her employment opportunities, or
  • Help a person meet the licensing requirements established by the State of New Jersey or the Federal Government.

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HIB Contacts

To report an incident of Harrassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB), please contact a specialist below.

District Anti-Bullying Coordinator

Doug Shunk or 609-586-5144, Ext. 2146

Back-Up Coordinator

Angelo DeStefano or 609-586-5144 Ext. 2133

Health Science Academy • Career Prep Specialist • Assunpink Center Specialist

Megan Ferdetta or 609-586-5144, Ext. 2140 or 609-438-0109

Adult Evening School Specialist

Gary Mattia or 609-586-5144

Health Careers Center Specialist

Gary Mattia or 609-586-5144

Sypek Center Specialist • STEM Academy • Culinary Academy

Lance Simek or 609-737-9785, Ext. 4140

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